Weight Management Services

BioRestore offers nutritional guidance and dietary support for men and women stuck at an unwanted weight or who find themselves creeping up the scale. You don’t have a “weight’ problem. You have a “I’m not healthy” problem and your weight is just a symptom.

We provide instructions on what you need to do to create a long-term approach to health. Weight loss is not just about calories. Weight is about:

* Where you get those calories.
* The nutritional density of foods and the quality of the foods you eat.
* When you eat and what you do to create a healthy metabolism.
* Creating healthy lifestyle choices.

We offer supplemental plans and prescriptions to support your nutrition and gut health that accelerate your weight loss and give you the momentum you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Below is a breakdown of our most popular components.

Nutritional Coaching and Weight Check-ins

We work to create a realistic approach to your diet, nutrition and lifestyle to ensure you have the best opportunity to have a plan that you can stick with and rely on week after week. Along with planning, we check to evaluate your weight loss progress and make suggestions if things seem to be a little off track.


When your appetite has a mind of its own, Phentermine can keep it in check! Phentermine is an FDA-approved prescribed medication that can keep your appetite at bay while also increasing the number of calories you burn, giving additional energy. This can amplify your results from the healthy lifestyle choices you’re putting into place. Naltrexone can help control cravings and make it easier to make diet choices that will work with your body.


This a very effective means for weight loss. In clinical trials, semaglutide has been found to produce significant weight loss. In one study, participants who took semaglutide lost an average of 15% of their body weight. It works by both controlling a persons apepite and effecting how insulin works in your body.

Experience the BioRestoreNH “Triple Play”

Consider our Weight Loss Triple Play a three pronged approached to Weight loss for 3-months.

At BioRestore NH we have a Unique Combination of treatments that will kick start your weight loss.

1. Medications. We use a combination of Semaglutide, B vitamin and a Gut healing peptide to pave the way for improved gut health and insulin sensitivity.

2. Technology. Monthly Treatments with the EmScupt NEO increase your core strength and reduce suborn belly fat.

3. Education. You don’t have a “weight’ problem. You have a “I’m not healthy” problem and your weight is just a symptom. We provide instructions on what you can do to create a truly healthy life.

To hear more about our weight loss processes, give us a call today!

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