Dr. Stanizzi is the Medical Director for BioRestore Health. Dr. Stanizzi is Board Certified Urologist. Although he is no longer a full time practicing urologist he is able to provide limited Urologic services which include the following.

Vasectomy- Permanent surgical sterilization in the form of vasectomy continues to be offered. This is a highly effective minimally invasive way of preventing unwanted pregnancies. Dr. Stanizzi has performed this procedure countless times and can do so with a near painless experience. You may watch the educational video here.

EmSella-This Technology offers a unique option for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence. By using electromagnetic stimulation, the pelvic floor muscles are contracted in such a way that causes significant increase in muscle mass and tone. This results in improvement in urinary incontinence that you can get from Kegel exercise alone and may represent a good option to help avoid invasive surgical intervention.

Urologic Consultation - Urologic second opinion can be provided. Upon review of medical records, treatment options for kidney stones, malignany etc can be advised. Referral to trusted colleagues can be made when needed.