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In the video I discuss the topic of aesthetics and its connection with BioRestore New Hampshires services. Aesthetics plays an essential role in feeling good both physically and mentally which is why we have recently introduced it into our practice.

As a practitioner of functional medicine and hormone replacement therapy, I have always viewed cosmetic treatments as an integral part of our work. When we help individuals improve their internal health through these methods they often express interest in enhancing both their physical appearance and overall confidence levels simultaneously.


Dr. Stanizzi on the BioRestoreNH Approach to Aesthetics

As a provider at BioRestoreNH I was initially hesitant about incorporating aesthetics into our practice. However, after meeting with two exceptional professionals in the field within my state and receiving training from them over six months time frame – acquiring the necessary skills to properly perform Botox® injections and Dysport® injections along the way- I am now confident that we can bring this service to clients while still maintaining high standards for quality care at all times! We are excited about offering these new services soon so stay tuned for updates on how you too can benefit from what we have learned through experience!


As a medical professional who specializes in cosmetic procedures, I believe that achieving an authentic appearance is paramount. Unfortunately, some individuals have undergone treatments that resulted in them appearing unnatural or “fake” due to violations of certain laws governing nature itself during the process. However, there are also those whose work has been done so skillfully that they appear more youthful and refreshed without any obvious signs of intervention – this subtle outcome was what inspired me when creating our own range of offerings. Our aim is always towards producing results that look natural yet effective for all patients seeking enhanced beauty through non-surgical means.

To achieve optimal results in aesthetic enhancement we employ the golden ratio concept. This mathematical principle is present not only in nature but also art and architecture. By utilizing this framework for mapping out facial features we can create an ideal target that produces natural-looking improvements rather than unnatural or unusual ones.

Similarly, my philosophy on hormone replacement therapy emphasizes proper usage to avoid unwanted consequences such as artificiality. In line with our inherent understanding of beauty, using these ratios allows us to produce pleasing yet authentic aesthetic outcomes.


The use of this technique ensures harmony between science and artistry when it comes to enhancing physical appearance. With its versatility across different fields like medicine and design; it has become an essential tool for achieving desired results while maintaining balance within the body’s structure. The golden ratio provides us with endless possibilities for creating beautiful forms without compromising functionality or integrity.

It’s been an eye-opening experience for me since learning this technique – I never thought I’d enjoy it as much as I do now! At BioRestoreNH we’re thrilled to offer aesthetic services in a unique way thanks to our providers who are trained both traditionally and through functional medicine while also possessing knowledge of naturopathic practices. This combination allows us to take on holistic approaches when addressing issues related to appearance by aiming at restoring what has been lost over time or due to external factors such as aging or illnesses; ultimately leading towards achieving natural yet youthful looks that suit individual needs best. We believe this approach sets us apart from other places offering similar treatments elsewhere. Our passion lies within providing exceptional care with personalized attention catered specifically towards each client- ensuring satisfaction every single time they visit us here at BioRestoreNH.


If you’re interested in exploring the potential of restorative aesthetics with us at BioRestoreNH we encourage you to reach out. We offer comprehensive assessments that can help determine how best we may assist you in achieving your goals of looking and feeling more youthful while maintaining an authentic appearance. Our mission is centered around providing personalized care – now including aesthetic treatments as part of our holistic approach toward wellness. By combining these services under one roof patients receive all-round support from experts who understand their unique needs better than anyone else!

BioRestoreNH recognizes that aesthetics is an integral part of our overall approach to healthcare. By combining expertise in functional medicine and hormone replacement therapy with knowledge gained through training in cosmetic procedures we are able to offer patients comprehensive care that addresses both their physical appearance as well as their internal health concerns.

Our goal at BioRestore New Hampshire is always to create subtle enhancements rather than drastic changes so that each patient looks like themselves but better!

If you’re looking for providers who prioritize authenticity above all else contact us today – we can help guide you towards achieving your desired level of aesthetic well-being.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Matthew Stanizzi MD
MD, Urology – Medical Director

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