Neurotoxin. (Botox, Dysport )

To temporarily lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face, Botox and other neurotoxins are injected into certain facial muscles in cosmetic applications. It functions by obstructing the communication between nerves and muscles, which stops the muscular contractions that result in wrinkles.


Target use of Neurotoxin has been a mainstay of Aesthetics for years. The use of Botox or other similar neurotoxins can provide and safe solution to the reduction and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles that develop in the face over time due to dynamic muscle contractions. Over time, the skin’s collagen is broken down due to repetitive movement and injury. The result is that wrinkles develop. By targeted inhibition of certain muscles of the face we can stop this process.


At BioRestore NH we have a focus on Restoring health and reversing signs of ageing. Offering facial aesthetics is a natural progression of our values and mission as a practice. If you are familiar with the use of Neurotoxin or Botox or considering it for the first time you can book a consultation with our providers for a through assessment and informative review of how Botox or other neurotoxins may be of benefit.


Who is Neurotoxin appropriate for?

Any person who is starting to notice the development of fine line and wrinkles and wishes to prevent these wrinkles from getting worse over time. Common areas we can treat are the forehead, the “11s”, Crow’s feet, A ‘Gummy Smile”, frown lines, bunny lines, brow lift etc.

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