Hormone Restoration and
Rebalancing Packages

How it works

“You're just getting older. This is what happens.”

“Hormone replacement is dangerous. It can cause cancer and heart disease.“

“If your hormones are off we can give you a birth control pill.”

“We don’t mess around with women’s hormones. “

Sound familiar? I'm sure they do, because they are the same things that our friends and family have experienced. However, there is compelling data out there to suggest that properly administered bioidentical hormone replacement can not only be safe but it can be effective in reducing the number of the signs and symptoms women feel as they approach or have gone through menopause.

You may have heard something about the Women's Health initiative. This was a study that was performed approximately 20 years ago. The results suggested that hormone replacement for women might lead to an increased risk of heart disease and almost overnight hormone replacement to treat the symptoms of menopause disappeared.

An entire generation of women have been without the potential benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement.

By applying Bioidentical estrogen topically we can significantly reduce the risks of blood clots. When estrogen is properly balanced with progesterone, we can minimize the risks of malignancy. Bioidentical progesterone, unlike some of the synthetic progestins have not been shown to carry a significant risk for heart disease.

Essentially what we are saying is that there is a path forward for safe and effective replacement of bioidentical hormones to alleviate the symptoms that women feel as they're approaching or have gone through menopause.

Proper hormonal balancing can be quite challenging for the female patient. Getting it right takes time, patience and a little bit of clinical know how.