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Hormone Restoration and Rebalancing

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy can mean increased energy, stamina, and improved sexual health.
Our plant-based bio-identical hormone compounds are identical to your natural hormones.

Best-selling components

  • A balanced blend of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone
  • DHEA - A highly effective component for increasing your libido

+ Hormone Restoration and Rebalancing

Weight Management

The tools and guidance you need to maintain a healthy weight and keep it there.
Our specialists create a personalized medication and nutrition plan that’s perfect for you.

Best-selling components

  • Nutritional coaching and weight check-ins
  • Phentermine (A prescribed FDA approved medication that controls your appetite while potentially increasing your energy levels)
  • MIC Vitamin Injections - Works with your body to burn long-chain fatty acids to more efficiently produce energy

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Break through performance plateaus and achieve your best.

Best-selling components

  • Sermorelin - A hormone-releasing peptide to amplify your body’s natural release of growth hormone
  • Growth Hormone - This, like testosterone, decreases with age and is integral to healing. For some adults that are diagnosed with adult onset deficiency, GH replacement can provide significant benefits in healing from injury
  • Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D replenishment
  • BPC 157 - An Oral peptide that promotes healing and cell regeneration

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Stress Reduction

Reduce daily stress and sharpen your focus. Get that calm and focused state of flow back.

Best-selling components

  • Cortisol, restore your natural levels of cortisol to better handle daily stresses
  • De-Stress Oral Vitamin, keep calm and carry on with our specially blended vitamin de-stress supplement

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Hair Restoration

Grow back confidence with a fuller head of hair. Stop being thin where you don’t want to be.

Best-selling components

  • A Scalp Topical Solution that contains Minoxidil, Ketoconazole, and Latanoprost. This solution is applied to the scalp topically everyday to help promote new hair growth.
  • Cellustrious - A new alternative to transplant or PRP. This system provides an in office treatment and at home maintenance program that will result in fuller hair without the need for surgery, blood draws or injections.

Sexual Performance

As one gets older, hormonal decline and disrupted blood flow causes changes to sexual response. Sometimes the blood flow may need a boost and vaginal tissue may need additional hormonal support.

Best-selling components

  • Tadalafil and sildenafil - The same medication as in Cialis and Viagra. It’s not just for Men.
  • Oxytocin - Known as the “love hormone”. This can intensify climax, improve lubrication and can help improve the emotional connection with your partner.
  • Topical Creams - Applied to sensitive areas prior to activity can improve response.
  • Vaginal estrogen - This can reverse the effects of dryness and pain associated with menopause.
  • Electromagnetic stimulation of the pelvic floor to improve sexual response.

Body Sculpting

Problem areas where there is just a bit too much fat or too little muscle despite your diet and efforts at the gym?

BioRestore is proud to introduce the EmSculpt NEO. This device is a unique technology that simultaneously reduces body fat in the treatment area by 30% while increasing muscle mass by 25%. Looking for an effective way to make progress towards your desired strength and appearance? Maybe you want to kickstart your new fitness goals. EmSculpt NEO offers a non-surgical, non-invasive, painless way to get you where you’re going.

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What others are saying:

It’s ok to give your body some help and have a healthy and active lifestyle. Initially I wasn't sure if it was the right way to go, but my BRH clinician told me what to expect every step of the way. The best part about working with them was getting the guidance and motivation I needed to maintain my new healthy lifestyle.

– Mark, firefighter, 42

Honestly best decision for my health and well being that I have ever made. Nothing else comes even close.

- Paul from Stamford

I am 49 years old and had not exercised or taken care of my physical health for over 20 years. In 6 months I have lost over 40 lbs and completely transformed by body. I literally feel 20+ years younger in every way. The team at BioRestore has been amazing.

From the initial contact through the ongoing clinical consultations the team has been incredibly supportive, responsive and professional. The clinical teams knowledge is absolutely stellar and they used that knowledge in a way to help me achieve my personal health and wellness goals. I could not have asked for more from anyone on the entire team at BioRestore. 110% worth the investment!
Thank you BioRestore!

- Tim from New York

Even though I worked out and watched what I eat, my metabolism changed so significantly that it would take a more drastic change in eating habits. It worked.

- Steve M.