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What is the EmSculpt NEO, and what’s the difference between the NEO and the original EMSculpt?

The difference in a word is… HEAT. The addition of heat results in improved muscle building, fat breakdown, and skin tightening, making the EMSculpt NEO superior to other treatments.


First off, let’s talk about the original Emsculpt. The Emsculpt technology uses electromagnetic stimulation or HIFEM: High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy.


HIFEM causes a super maximal muscle contraction. What is that? If you are working out in the gym, you typically recruit about 35% of the muscle fiber. However, with HIFEM, you will be recruiting closer to 95% of the muscle fibers. This means there is a much more effective muscle use during stimulation, and you can expect 20,000 contractions per treatment session. There is no way, physiologically, to work your muscles this intensely.


This super maximal contraction will result in the body stripping away fat from the surrounding area to fuel the muscle.

So what is the EMSculpt NEO?

The NEO treatment combines HIFEM with Radiofrequency. Radiofrequency provides heating. The heat gives the EMsculpt NEO treatment distinct advantages over other body contouring technologies.

1. Radiofrequency heats the fat to 110 degrees, which melts away additional fat.

2. Muscles that are warmed will respond better to HIFEM.

3. The heating will also cause skin tightening, which can effectively treat loose skin due to weight loss or pregnancy.

The result is that with an EMsculpt NEO treatment, you can expect a 25% increase in muscle mass and a near 30% decrease in subcutaneous fat in the treated area. This is equivalent to 12-16 weeks of intense workouts.

How does EmSculpt NEO compare to Coolsculpting?

This is functionally different, as CoolSculpting only treats the fat by freezing it and causing the fat cells to die. CoolSculpting does nothing to increase your strength, tone, or ability to work out.

How does EMSculpt NEO compare to liposuction?

Liposuction is different. EMSculpt NEO is a noninvasive procedure. No surgery, anesthesia, needles, or downtime is needed for EMSculpt NEO. Liposuction, like Coolsculpting and other body contouring techniques, DOES NOT help build muscle.

Who is the right candidate for EMSculpt NEO?

Anyone who may benefit from less fat and more muscle is a potential candidate. I have seen results with those who have hit a plateau with their regular workouts, and I’ve seen the EMSculpt NEO jump-start a person who is just starting a new workout routine.

What if you have a low BMI and are only interested in muscle building?

Not Really. EMSculpt NEO is not intended for weight reduction. If you lose weight during the process, that is a bonus.

Can EMSculpt NEO help me lose weight?

EMSculpt NEO´s muscle-building works great even if you are not interested in fat reduction. Slimmer patients can still benefit from the average 25% increase in muscle mass.

Is a special diet or supplement needed for EMSculpt NEO treatment?

EMSculpt NEO treatment does not require any special diet or supplement. However, if you combine the benefits of EMSculpt with an optimal diet and proper regular exercise, you will maximize your results. For this reason, we also offer consultation with a dietitian and personal trainer.

Is EMSculpt NEO painful?

NO. The muscle contraction will be intense, but it should never be painful.

What parts of the body can EMSculpt treat?

EMSculpt can be used to treat the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and calves.

Does the EMSculpt NEO really work?

EMSculpt NEO works. It is the most researched body contouring technology available. HIFEM has shown safety and efficacy in seven studies to date. Realself members give EMSculpt an 89% “Worth It” rating. This beats CoolSculpting and SculpSure and is on par with Vaser or Laser Liposuction regarding patient satisfaction.

How long should it take to see results?

As you would expect, results will vary, but it can take up to 3 months following the last treatment to see your maximal benefit. it takes time for the muscle and fat to respond and adapt to the treatment

How is EMSculpt NEO performed?

EMSculpt NEO is about as easy as you can get. No prep is needed, although you should be well hydrated, just like any workout. After you lay down, the applicators are placed on the skin over the treatment area for 30 minutes. During HIFEM stimulation, you will feel like doing an intense muscle workout. The radiofrequency will produce a warming sensation over the skin. After 30 minutes, you can go back to work or pick up the kids from soccer practice. There is no downtime.

How much does EMSculpt cost?

Treatments are regularly $850 per session, and we advise at least four sessions that are spaced 5-10 days apart. Please call to inquire about package pricing and finance options.

  • Offer $500 off plus 2 additional treatments

Are there limitations to EMSculpt NEO?

Like any technology, there are limitations. We cannot use the EMsculpt NEO on the chest, head, or spinal column. EMsculpt treatments are not suitable for you if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, metal or electronic implants, have bleeding disorders, heart or lung problems, or have issues with skin sensitivity. If your BMI is over 35, you are unlikely to have satisfactory results.

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