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What to Know About BioWave Treatment

Sexual health is a crucial part of your overall well-being. As such, you should seek treatment at the first sign of an issue. For many men, that issue is erectile dysfunction. It’s important to remember that this problem is common, and scores of men across the country with it. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptional treatments used to address chronic erectile dysfunction.

At BioRestore Health, we’re committed to providing one-on-one support to pinpoint the exact cause of your issue. One of our top treatment methods for erectile dysfunction is BioWave.

To find out if you’re a good candidate for this therapy, read more here or get in touch with our team of medical professionals based in Southern New Hampshire. We treat patients from the region including Nashua, Bedford, Amherst even as far as Vermont and Maine have traveled to visit our location.

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What Is BioWave?

BioWave is a safe and effective procedure for men hoping to combat erectile dysfunction. In addition to being safe, it’s also comfortable and non-invasive. A series of 30 clinical studies indicated that BioWave boasts a success rate of over 75%.  We improve that by using other strategies at BioRestore NH

How does BioWave compare to GAINSWave?

It is important to understand that GAINSWave is a company that markets radial pulse wave (AKA shockwave) therapy for improved sexual function.

It is not a specific technology.

The device that is used for our treatments is the same as GAINSWave providers but at BioRestore NH we like to offer a multimodality approach that we believe improves the success rates compared to a standard GAINSWave protocol.

What prevents us from being a GAINSWave provider? We were…but ultimately didn’t see the marketing value of paying to use the GAINSWave name.

We would much rather have people come to use because they are having concerns about erectile dysfunction and discuss all the options available for improving sexual function.

We offer:

– Testosterone Replacement

– Oral medications like Viagra

– Injectable treatments

– Pulse Wave therapy.

This is a thorough approach compared to just offering GAINSWave.

You can use the chart below to see the difference between GAINSWave and our BioWave approach.

# of Treatments
# per Treatment
Emsella Pelvic Floor Therapy
Penile Rehab with a Vacuum Erection Device
Evaluation by a Urologist.
Other ED treatments available

How Does it Work?

So, how exactly does this treatment work? BioWave technology harnesses high-frequency and low-intensity sound waves to promote blood flow to the genital area and trigger the growth of new, healthy blood vessels. As over 80% of erectile dysfunction cases are the result of poor blood flow, BioWave is incredibly effective at improving this condition.

What to Expect From BioWave Therapy?

Before going in for BioWave therapy, you probably want to know what to expect from the experience. First and foremost, we want our patients to understand that the procedure is not painful and rarely, if ever, causes uncomfortable side effects. After treatment, over 75% of patients report naturally-occurring erections and an overall improvement in sexual performance.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The best candidates for BioWave are those who are dealing with erectile dysfunction due to blood flow issues. While many cases are due to lack of blood flow, some are the result of stress, excess alcohol, or an underlying psychological condition. Before deciding on BioWave, it’s essential to consult with our providers to determine the cause of erectile dysfunction. Once we understand the root of the problem, we can address it with proper treatment.

What About Side Effects?

Good news—there are no known side effects of BioWave. Patients report that this therapy is effective yet totally painless. Just a quick look at the many BioWave reviews shows that this treatment yields results without causing any adverse side effects.

When Will I See Results?

It’s crucial to remember that results are not always immediate with BioWave treatments. It takes time for blood vessels to regrow, and you will likely need between six and twelve treatments in the following weeks. Most patients begin to notice results six weeks after their first session. Results will only improve as you make further appointments. However, those results are not permanent and may start to subside after two years. You’ll require maintenance treatments as time goes on to continue to enjoy the results of BioWave.

Take Advantage of These Benefits

Our BioWave clinic is proud to offer treatments that bring our patients excellent results. Those who visit us for BioWave take advantage of numerous benefits, including the following:

  • Improved sexual performance
  • Enhanced sensation in the genitals
  • Increases overall sexual health
  • Better blood flow
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

Is BioWave cheap? This is one of the first questions we get as we delve deeper into the details of this procedure. While the cost may vary based on your provider and treatment plan, most BioWave packages begin at around $3,500. However, you may be able to find special offers and discounts that reduce your out-of-pocket cost.

How BioWave Stands Apart From Other Treatments

With so many treatments for erectile dysfunction, why choose BioWave? For one, this therapy is non-invasive and requires no surgery to get results. It doesn’t involve any injections or medications and typically only takes about 30 minutes per session. Too many treatments address the problem, but not the cause. That isn’t the case with BioWave. This treatment identifies the root cause of erectile dysfunction (poor blood flow) to bring effective, lasting results.

Learn More From Our Team

At BioRestore NH, we’re proud to serve the Southern New Hampshire region, and specifically the communities of Hollis, Bedford, and Amherst. If you’re local to our area and you’ve been dealing with erectile dysfunction, it’s time to seek relief. Our team is here to provide individual support, even for sensitive matters. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

Contact us today for more information on BioWave!

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